It's been a long time that I didn't make any post. Not because I was lazy (okay half of it is because lazy). It's been a really changing days in between my last post and today.

I lost my job, I lost my goal, I lost my living styles as well.

No only myself, but some mentor of myself are losing themselves as well.

However, many things happened. Making me become one of the member of a team. Which handle punishment appeals on a game. It was such a pleasure and such a sadness thing. By getting this position, two good friends of mine lost their position and standing. I've been thinking should I stay or should I go.

Eventually, I decided to endurance the fairness that I can execute to serve and protect. Also at least keeping myself busy instead of being a total useless person in before things getting change again.

I wish everything is getting back on track as soon as possible.
Although we lost things, we still exist.
That is something matter.

War is cruel, they take people's lives away.
Emotion is much horrible, they take everything away without a sign.