2 months later

2 months later
Laguna City Bus Terminal, 20 September 2021

So, it's been two months since I update my blog, I had a very busy two months and I am so sure that this type of busy will continue but anyway here's a post.

I am currently working as an inspector, duties included many lots so cannot be listed anywhere and indeed some of my current duty were never be thought by myself. I mean seriously, nobody would expect some of my duty is actually part of my job.

As I am speaking, I am having my 2nd-time night-shift, each shift lasts for around a month. So I will be having my morning shift next month again. By then, I guess I'll be more like a ghost, just like what happened last month.

Sums up about my job so far, it's actually interesting, apart from some odd duty work and paperwork. Still, it's fun.

If you see me when I am working, feel free to say hello. It'd be delightful.