Author of the page

Author of the page
Ting Kau Bridge - CoEcho Project
  • He is an actual person but he doesn't really matter on who is viewing this page.
  • He think everyone who is reading this page is stupid, same as the one who write this page.
  • He is an idiot and keep updating this page even tho there is no one but a very few some are watching.
  • He is an anime lover. Anime saved his life before.
  • He works in the dark to serve the light.
  • Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
  • He writes everything not in his mother tone just because he afraid to offend anyone by using mother tone. Using other languages giving him spaces to explain if his words offended others.(In case that happens, because it means someone is actually watching this blog, while he didn't think someone will spend more 3 mins per day on neither this website nor this page.)