I am back

I am back
Sunset and the buffle cloud @ Ma On Shan, Sept 4. By Greatben

Long after my blog's downtime. I am back.

And here're some updates about myself.

First and yes, I quit my last job. I have finally done that after almost 5 years of service in that place.

Second, I already got a new job, which are another bus company in Hong Kong but this time, a big one, and I already questioning myself if this is a good choice after all. Working in this position and this company.

Third and this is the one that I am not sure should I reveal so I will keep it secret for now.

Fourth, many things actually happened in the downtime period that lasted for 2 months, I cannot list them all and I do not even bother to do so but if you know me enough, you basically know everything.

So, that's a very brief update on myself. About the blog's downtime. It doesn't relate to any "NMSL" if you wonder. It's basically some technical issue that get stuck on the server-side and took much time to handle, but thankfully the fat monkey( I wish he's fine seeing this) took care of it.

I am sure that I'll talk about my job in the future, but also thanks to the nature of my job, I can only assure everyone who watches this blog that I can post once per week, but of course if possible, I will post as frequent as I can.

See you soon.