Terrifying disease

Terrifying disease

Since the 2019-nCoV started the outbreak at late 2019. More and more fear among us in the city that miles away, and indeed it is now affecting us as well. 10 confirmed cases so far in Hong Kong and more confirmations have been made all around the world. The World Health Organization speaks like it's none of its business. Typical reactions of United Nations' department and facility.

What more terrified about the this specific disease, is not how it kills a person, destroying the cell of a body. It is the ignorance of people in the world. They forgot what happened in 2003. Those lives were gone and forever. We thought it was a lesson to everyone of us, in Hong Kong. However none of the actions we are making makes sense. Not to mention it is right at the edge of the Lunar New Year. Nobody is working. Everyone in panic.

Since I was a kid, I was told to stay clam. Keep cool. Be prepared. Instead of getting angry, impatient, ignorance, shouting at others, makes money.

Economy was built by Human Being. It is used to give people convenient lives not destroying it. Not to mention, actively or passively killing someone by these actions.

Economy is not controller of human being.

There is still long way to go, to cover, to conquer. The disease is just a speed-bump. We are not stopping here. Humanity is not stopping here. Get over it.

Fight for the future, our next generation.