I don't like winter much. Some friends of mine knew that. Tho, I seldom speak a lot about the reason behind.

Close friends of mine knew I have allergic to weather changes, yes. I know it's weird. Listen to me.

Whenever the weathers' changing, I'll start sneezing, it is more accurate than the observatory. Same as my sister, her throat dries whenever weathers' changing. Except sneezing, I also felt cold on my feet and unlimited headache unless I am in a closed area, like my room or my car. Completely air-locked and seal. Some said it's because I am allergy to a certain unknown pollution, with the affect of breeze weather, my allergy worsen. I have no idea if they're true because I have no money to make myself staying offshore for entire winter. (Donate me if you wish, I will be very please)

Therefore, if I am staying Hong Kong and not the circumstance allows to stay at home. I mostly stay at home during the entire time of winter. If possible, I am going for hibernation like a damn bear.

But, with the current situation of Hong Kong, I think I should stay home more often instead of moving around the street.

Lastly, Happy Birthday Hong Kong. 189 anniversary of Hong Kong.
God bless the Queen