Attempting to drunk

Attempting to drunk

In before starting todays' writing, it is my responsibility to say, if you drink, don't drive, and according to the law of Hong Kong. If you are below 18, do not drink.

So, as some knows, I like drinking. I am not an addict, I can live without drinking. However it would be excellent if I drink after a very tiredness day of working or a week of stress.

I mean, who doesn't like that? (Of course unless you are allergy to alcohol. Sucks to you then.) I have a lot of restriction about drinking, not because of body condition. It's about my personal habits and some limitation related to my job.

I drive everyday when I have to go to work, to ensure I am alcohol-free during driving and workday. Even if that day I clearly know myself doesn't required to perform any driving duty. I still prefer not to drink the day before, since my duty required a lot of instant decision making and related to some high-risk duties. Such as standing in the middle of the god damn road and ensure every traffic goes through clearly and without obstacles.

Therefore, I only drink at night when there is no duty and absolutely no driving required. One friend of mine said I took this too serious, but he don't understand that driving itself is something must be very concentrated and I don't have any margin of error on my worksite. Every decision is critical, if any part went wrong. It could be catastrophic. For some instance, a bus will be late to work or somebody get hurt because of my misjudge.

And mostly, when I drink, I barely drink outside. I drink at home alone. Whenever I hang out with my friends and they started drinking, I will drink as well (Only when the situation approve like I mentioned above). But I don't drink much, no matter how I wish to drink. I always know someone gonna fell down because of getting too much in their stomach. Someone gotta take care them and instead of letting someone unfamiliar do the job, I rather do it myself.

Drinking is good, I personally never get drunk before, thanks to my mind. But I really wish one day, I can get drunk, so I can be freely discharged from all the stress in my heart.