As everyone in my friend zone knows, I am not an optimistic guy. They always say about I only think about how bad can it goes instead of how good can it be. I am a guy with no hope and whatsoever.

Thing is, that is not true. In most scenario, I think about all possible outcomes, and do my very best to foreseen these situations. Yet, I admit about the part that I cannot be optimistic.

It isn't like "I cannot be such a person". It's more alike, I prefer think the worst case and prevent it, so whenever the situation is not as worst as I predicted, I can get a good result in it. I agree the part that this is not the best solution to challenge something since when you predicted the worst situation, you will be very "careful" or I should use the world "frightened" to accomplish something that might worth trying or attempting.

I personally think this is not a bad habit after all, since predicting the worst case doesn't really affect what it will happen. Since we all freaking know "If something could went wrong, it will went wrong." It is just the matter of time.

And I should have say this like long ago. I think about good side as well, but it is really minority in my mind and I mostly don't share these ideas so none of us will get disappointed if something went wrong as we all know, it will.