Choosing between something is a daily item for everyone. You have to choose something at some point, no matter you like it or not, or no matter you aware it or not. People made decision every single second.

Sometimes, choosing makes our life suffers more, or makes our day easier. Everything is built up by the decision of every single person in the world. Some of the people does not aware of their power of choosing, and letting other to choose for them. Yet, this mostly not the best option after all.

I do not like choosing between things, choosing a thing makes me feels like abandoning something, you can say I am greedy but who doesn't do that in the world.

I know, I have to make decision sometimes, and no matter what it is, I wish the best at all time.

I remember I once read a speech of a former president of the America. His speech was titled as "A Time for Choosing".

Some lines are always memorable.
"No matter you like it or not, spells duty."
"There's no choice between peace or war, only between fight or surrender."
"By then, our surrender will be volunteered because we've been weaken spiritually, morally and economically."

Back in the cold war, the America is at a very tense relationship with the Soviet Union. So as the world now, tensions between religious, politics, energy, environment, privacy, moral, and more.

Some said, the peace has came since the Soviet Union collapsed since it marked the end of Cold War between two greatest power in the world. Yet, is this the true peace? Or is it just a start of another war? Or, is the war ever ended?

Guess everyone will have to choose their answer or it was already chosen.