Writing in English again.

Writing in English again.

I've been writing in Japanese since I rewriting my blog 2 weeks ago and I talked to some friends, who have some opinions about the language I use in my blog.

Well, they are kind of correct. I wrote in something that not everyone understand, but it is actually like a protection to myself and I am just too shy and embarrassed to write in my mother tone. Basically listed with the information on the author page. So I am not writing again. (Yes, I am just too lazy and drunk for writing that again.)

So to sums up for you guys who want me to speak in English. I am getting a very terrible days recently, keep thinking about what to do in the future and thanks those who helped in my life.

And yes, for the sake of myself and those who read my blogs (I still doubt how many of them). I am now writing in English and Japanese.