If a bad dream to a person, is because of his insecure to what he been through and the mental trauma he had when he was a kid. I am so sure that could explain how my sleep gone so wrong recently.

Dreams usually do not recalls from memories. It mostly fade out almost in instant. So some said these are dreams but internal conscious. I am not a professional so I don't really care what they call but these things makes me woke up at 4 in the morning and it definitely affect my daily and my actual safety of my daily life.

The dream I had and made me write this blog. Was based on the cheap airline ticket to United States with my family on a China Airlines, Boeing 747.

Yea. What could possibly go wrong with that combination? It rolls out the takeoff, stall and well done mate, you have one job to do.

I bet everyone who is watching this knows I love aviation but because of some technical issues that I am unable to work in that industry. It's a great shame to me, but I never blame on my family for that.