So, I didn't post anything yesterday. It's the first day off I ever took since I restarted on my blog writing. Yet the day off did not make me feel any better.

I took the day off here as same as I do in my work, after 3 days of nonstop highly stressful working. I went exhausted so I forced myself to take some rest and bail myself from everything.

Does it work? I really do not know but all I feels the pressures are rising in a very troublesome level. I personally take promise seriously and sadly not many does. And that is why my problem is rising.

I wanted to something and required someone to help, and that somebody promised to do so and yet they said no afterwards. My life is being treated like this since I was young. Does it do a big deal to me? Yes, it still does. Is it recoverable? No.

So, I took a day off, and think how not to think.