Long ago, there is no tunnel or bridges to connect Japan Honshu and Hokkaido. Everything travels between them has to use aircrafts or ferries, but back in the mid 20 centuries, flying is still a very expensive item. Therefore, ferry it is. Even trains needed to travel the strait by ferries. Which was not a common thing as well.

Living in Hong Kong, traveling with different kind of transportation is a very common thing. Around 1 year ago, when I didn't get my car but I need to go to work in the Island, I have to take bus, then ferry, and then tram to reach to my worksite.

How many hours it takes? If lucky, everything works fine, buses aren't backlogging and there is no traffic jam, 1 hour, but if I missed the ferry. That'll be extra 40 mins of waiting.

So since I got my car, I started to drive to my worksite as long as it is possible, sometimes workload of that day is impossible for me to drive. Therefore, I still use that routing of transport to my worksite in some occasions.

Like I said before, I like driving. It's enjoyable (Most of the time). So why would I bring up about traveling on public transport this time?

Easy, I never said I hate using public transportation. It is also enjoyable and delightful. Watching people, roads, surroundings, sea, actually it another chill thing in my mind. Sometimes, listening to music and under a shower of rain. Makes me also chill down.

Hong Kong's transportation might not be as delightful as it used to be nor as diverse as other places does. It is still one of the most distinct develop heritage in Hong Kong and the world. Double decker buses, Star ferry, Red top minibus that feels like a Formula 1 racing car. None of these can be replaced nor replicated in anywhere.

Connections, make us stays together.

And I really wish to visit Mashumaru again. It is just a masterpiece of a multi-purpose ferry.