Headlight, Taillight.

Headlight, Taillight.

Driving is one of the most enjoyable thing at all time, at least for me and for the love of god, not doing that in Hong Kong. I love driving. Driving a car can basically take me to anywhere I like and to see something I might never saw.

Currently at the age of 22, I managed to get a bus driving license in Hong Kong. I am actually pretty proud and smug about it. Driving in Hong Kong is not an easy thing after all. Basically everywhere is local road. Cars, trucks, buses all bunched up in a tiny street. None giving other spacing for safety and basically every driver who drive for works, are actually racing drivers. "If you don't go for the gap, you are no longer a racing driver." If there's a gap, they'll 100% go for it. Give absolutely zero fucks to others.

I remember when I was driving in Aomori, Japan. With my friend who have no driving license and I wasn't driving that much back in the day. We rent a car and travel the Aomori. It was great fun and driving there is no pressure. Unlike in Hong Kong, everything is stressful.

Sometimes, I do understand if you went through the traffic light, you'll get to your destination few minutes faster than waiting, and those few minutes might be very important to some of the people. I don't really blame them.

However, until today. As a driver, no matter what type of vehicle I am driving. I do remind myself and remember one special thing that, if I did something wrong. Somebody might suffer from my decision as a driver. If I go for a gap with high risk. Someone might hit me and we both get hurt. If I go too fast on a local road, someone might just pop out from the pedestrian path and I might hit the person then cold end up terribly wrong. Nonetheless, I don't want any of these happen.

After all, driving is still great fun and a happy thing. As long as not doing this for living or driving an old manual car. It would make you suffer a lot if you are not very familiar with how those things work.

Even at night time, watching people's headlights and taillights are interesting. It's like watching a flow of light moving from place to place. Each light carrying a story of someone. I once stopped on a Michi no Eki(Parking area on major rural road in Japan). Discovered some delightful place and views. Talked to some locals, learnt the history of that place. A dam constructed and created a huge lake and making the view so spectacular that cannot be forget in my life.  

If you ask me where do I prefer to drive and will I drive in the rest of my life, the answer is still the same. Japan(Except major city). Still hates traffic jams.  And yes, I would love to drive until I cannot drive anymore.