I support Takimi Chika

I support Takimi Chika

There's enough shits happening in the world. I never expected that I need to write something like in any given time, but I have to do that this time.

Since when the world thinks that Anime is bad for society, affecting the future generation and damaging the social images? Does they ever be that negative to the society?


Obviously, there is some sorts of people who think themselves as the better one in the society, using their advantages and disadvantages to gain the highest benefit to them.

I am not specifically pointing out who they are or who they were. However this is not the first time that Anime and characters are being discriminated, misjudged by these people.

Do you ever realize how precious our freedom of speech is? How important our freedom of creation is? No, you don't. Because you just think about yourself. If you are an adult, please be an adult not a god damn kid like your 4 years' old son.

Anime and related industries are holding almost 90% of shares all around the world and it is giving infinite possibility and working spaces for Japan. Not to mention the consumption and retail products if its related industries. Without us, without anime. Japan will be just worse than what is doing right now.

Japanese government is making a lot of disappointing moves related to 2019-nCoV / WARS right now. I am so sad that some of their citizens are doing such disappointing moves as well. Encouraging discrimination to other's hobbies. Objectify others and their hobbies. Destroying a common dream of a lot of people by a word or two.

We will not surrender. We will not give up.
Anime isn't just "anime" to us. It saves us from the darkness of the world.