Whenever I planned something to do after works, it usually don't get it goes. This week, nothing is making sense. I planned to work on the garage that requires the help from my friend and all in sudden, the school calls for meeting which doesn't have any specific topic to discuss. I really wish this meaningless meeting can end in no time and just let me get back to work.

On the other hand, I keep receiving emails from Google Maps about my photos are being viewed by the Google Map users. I wasn't really care about that at the first time. However the deeper I dig in, I found out my photo is somehow the cover photo of that place I visited. Which is the cover photo of today's blog. It was taken at Aomori, no filter, no special angle etc. Just a pure photo with pure hand. Good thing of the day it is.

Two days to Tokyo, three nights to LoveLive!Festival! Can't expect more than that. Seeing Nanjo on the stage is my die hard wish from day 1 I listen her songs.