Actual Blog or Diary. Whatever.

Actual Blog or Diary. Whatever.

When everyone says "Happy New Year" , I started to review myself and what have I done in the previous year. Things went wrong obviously. I have no idea if it is getting fixed in the near future. Not to mention the damage that already did to us.

I started my day like as it should be in the last week, woke at 5, work at 6, return home at 5. Tiredness all over my body, also stress about my car that was planned to sell.

Some friends of mine knew I don't like my car at any means. It's a manual drive, Honda Civic EK3 manufactured in 1999. A year after I was brought to this cruel world. Anyway, that car really get me into mess and now I can finally get rid of it.

By getting rid of that thing, I also get a new place for me to speak whatever I like again. Like the stupid Qooza Blog (or whatever it was) back when I was a Secondary 2 Student (Damn I feel old).

Anyway, That's it for today. Pretty tired, even tho it's Sunday, I didn't had much rest. Something else are still bothering me. See you tomorrow.