Since some point of my life. I started referring myself as HongKonger or HongKongese. No matter how similar our culture, our words and our geographical location so close or so identical. I know we are different.

I once said, even Hong Kong is broken apart, divided into parties, colors, stands. When great forces are moving around the world, we are always stay as one. We are united. We are not broken apart. We still different, we still shares different perspectives, we still divided into colors and parties. However, we know we are not alone.

Today, Hong Kong is still in a crisis of unstoppable corona virus from China and their man and woman come over to seek helps or spread panics, but are we ready?

The answer is clear, we are not.

However the government still resist to listen to the citizens, refuse to hear from the societies. People felt hopeless eventually. We do not know what is going on in the future, but we all hope for the best.

Hong Kong is our home, our motherland. We have nowhere to escape or runaway.

No matter how far we've been, we are still here. Home.